Betta Fish Tank Equipment & Supplies

What do you need to set up a betta fish tank? Of course, you need a tank for your betta fish to live in! But what else? Do betta fish need a filter? What about a heater or an air pump?

In this blog post, we’re going to list all of the essential betta tank equipment you need to look after your fish and some optional items too.

Essential betta fish tank equipment

Essential equipment you’ll need to look after a betta fish includes:

  • Tank with lid: Betta fish need a tank to live in. The betta fish tank should have a lid, as bettas are adventurous jumpers!
  • Filter: Betta fish tanks can get dirty very quickly and the water needs be clean enough for your betta to live happily. A betta filter does this job for you by removing harmful chemicals.
  • Heater: Betta fish like the water in their betta tank to be at a certain temperature. If your betta’s betta tank does not have a heater, then you will need to buy one for them!
  • Aquarium thermometer: Though you’ll set your heater to a certain temperature, it’s still a good idea to monitor that temperature using a separate thermometer. This helps to ensure your tank water doesn’t get too hot or too cold for your betta fish.
  • Consumable supplies: This includes food, water conditioners and medications that you will need to buy regularly in order to keep your betta fish healthy.

After the tank itself, the two most important pieces of essential equipment are a filter and a heater, as these two items will keep the water clean and temperature regulated for optimal health of your pet.

Then there are consumable supplies. While you may not necessarily need to stock up on medications straight away, you will want to buy a water treatment such as Seachem Prime and a good supply of varied foods.

Optional betta fish tank equipment

There are many optional pieces of equipment you can include in your betta fish tank too!

  • Substrate: Bettas love sifting around through substrate such as gravel or stones. We recommend including a thin layer of substrate to keep your betta entertained.
  • Plants, rocks, and other décor for the aquarium: Betta betta fish like to interact with their environment and adding aquarium décor, such as plants and rocks will give your betta places to explore and stop them getting bored.
  • Lighting: Depending on the location of your tank and the light levels in the area, artificial lighting may or may not be absolutely essential. We recommend including lighting if you can – and certainly if your aquarium contains live plants.
  • Air pump / bubbler: Air pumps help to add oxygen to the water – not through the bubbles they produce, but through the ripples that they cause on the surface of the water. While air pumps look nice, they are optional, as the water flow from a filter often creates enough water surface movement to keep the water well oxygenated without the need for an air pump.

Whether you include these optional pieces of equipment will very much depend on your own situation.

They all have their advantages – for instance, live plants provide oxygen, driftwood provides hiding spaces and decoration, and cave-like structures such as caves or tubes give your betta spaces to claim as their territory – however, it is possible to keep a betta fish without them if you prefer.

If you’re just starting out with keeping betta fish then we hope you find this list useful. Once your tank is set up, we’d love to hear what equipment you chose to include. Please add a comment below to let us know!

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