Do Betta Fish Get Lonely? The Effects of Isolation on Bettas

Do betta fish get lonely? Do they need company? Do they feel bored when they are alone in their tank? Do they miss you when you’re gone for the day, or even just at work all day? People frequently ask these questions about their pet betta fish.

The good news is that the answer is no – betta fish do not get lonely. So while some people think that it’s cruel to keep fish alone, this is not actually the case.

Betta fish aren’t like people and they don’t get lonely in the same way we do. However, they may feel a little bored now and then without anything new to explore.

Do betta fish need company?

Betta Fish are solitary animals and live on their own in nature.

The only time they will be happy with another fish of their species present is during courtship or when spawning; otherwise, they prefer solitude.

Betta fish are highly territorial and will fight with other fish over space in the tank. When this happens, bettas will usually fight to the death, so this is a far bigger concern than loneliness, which is not actually a problem for bettas.

Clearly, it’s much better to keep a betta alone and not worry about them “having a friend” than it is to try to give them some company and end up with fighting fish!

Can bettas live with other fish species?

Not only do bettas not get along with their own species, they shouldn’t be kept with other types of fish either.

Bettas will fight other fish and kill them, so we would always advice against keeping a betta with another species of fish – even if they seem to get along fine at first!

Do betta fish get bored?

While they do not get lonely, betta fish may get bored. You should therefore give them plenty of places and objects to explore in their tank and feed them an interesting varied diet.

How to tell if your betta fish is bored

If your betta fish is getting bored then you may notice a change in their behavior. They may become inactive and lethargic or they may start to behave abnormally such as laying on the bottom of the tank.

If you notice any change in behavior then it’s best to first check that there are no signs of disease before considering boredom as an option. If there are no other symptoms then boredom may be the answer and you should think about what you can do to make your betta tank more interesting for your fish.

How to stop betta fish from getting bored

You can add plants into the aquarium to provide them with cover and places to hide, but they will also enjoy some more interesting decorations.

For example, you could get a few silk plants for their tank along with some artificial caves or an extra decoration that might interest your betta fish.

You can even put in some live plants if you want something pretty in the aquarium while still providing your betta fish with somewhere nice to explore; just be sure that any plant is non-toxic so it won’t hurt your pet when he eats it!

Conclusion: Bettas don’t get lonely, but beware of boredom!

It’s not uncommon for people to put two or more bettas together in the same tank. However, this is a bad idea as they can be territorial and will fight each other if housed together. In the wild, these fish live on their own so you should keep them that way too.

Loneliness is not a problem for bettas, though there is a risk that your betta could get bored. Try adding interesting objects like plants and decorations into the aquarium; even something as simple as some pebbles or a small cave can stimulate your betta’s natural instincts to explore and help to keep them happy.

What do you think about keeping bettas alone? Share what has worked well for you by commenting below!

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