Betta Fish Food: What Betta Fish Eat and How to Feed Them

Betta fish are a popular choice of pet for people looking to add a little extra color to their lives. They are beautiful, interesting creatures and make fascinating pets. However betta fish require proper care and that includes a specialized diet of betta fish food.

In this blog post, we will talk about what betta fish eat in the wild, how you should feed them in your home aquarium, and take a look at some of the best betta fish foods on the market today!

What do betta fish eat in the wild?

Wild betta fish eat mostly small aquatic insects and insect larvae. The exact insects vary depending on where they are living but generally, bettas will feed off of insects such as water fleas, fruit flies, and mosquito larvae.

What do betta fish eat in the home aquarium?

In betta fish tanks bettas will eat bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and lots of other small insects that you can buy at your local pet store.

The finest betta food is live, freeze-dried or frozen varieties of the foods mentioned above, so make sure you provide your betta with these types of betta food as part of their diet!

Let’s look at these foods in more detail.


Bloodworms are a type of invertebrate larvae often found in freshwater bodies of water. They are a popular food in the aquarium hobby as they are rich in protein, so generally very good for your fish’s health.

Bloodworms to use as betta food are usually available at the pet store or online, and can be bought in bulk amounts. Bloodworms come frozen and should be kept frozen until use. In order to defrost it you must do so slowly- by placing the bloodworm betta food into cool water over time will allow safe thawing avoiding cooking from too high of temperatures or freezer burn from being left out on the counter top for hours on end. If your betta fish has never had bloodworms before, introduce them one worm at a time- this helps prevent potential health problems such as constipation due to betta fish trying betta food that is new too quickly.

Brine Shrimp

Another popular food is a crustacean known as the brine shrimp or artemia salina. These are available live or frozen. They have been harvested from saltwater areas for many years but they are now also being produced in huge numbers in places such as China where their water sources are warmer than normal thus speeding their growth cycle up to around three weeks!

When fed live, the movement of these small crustaceans attracts the betta who will quickly scoop up the floating food using their ventral fins and upturned mouths. Brine shrimp are great for feeding babies bettas or adults where you want a bit more variety in your fish’s diet.

What are Daphnia?

Daphnia are tiny crustaceans. Daphnia is commonly known as “water fleas” because of their small size and swimming capability resembling a flea’s jump.

In the home aquarium, water fleas can be fed to bettas by using commercially frozen or freeze-dried products.

Can betta fish eat flakes and pellets?

Bettas can certainly survive on a betta fish flake food diet, however, bettas are naturally carnivores and will appreciate the occasional bloodworm or brine shrimp.

We recommend feeding a varied and balanced diet to your betta fish. This means that it’s fine to sometimes feed them flakes and pellets, but you’ll want to feed the live or freeze-dried food sometimes too.

A balanced and varied diet will help to ensure your betta fish gets the nutrients they need.

Feeding Betta Fish Frozen Food: What Kinds of Foods Should I Feed My Betta?

Bettas will also happily eat “Frozen Treat” foods like daphnia, brine shrimp, bloodworms or even mosquito larvae (if you can find it). These frozen treats usually come in cube trays which you simply thaw out before feeding them to your betta so they’re easy to use and store. Just remember that every once in a while bettas should be fed their staple diet of high quality fl

How much food should you feed betta fish?

It’s important to only feed betta fish as much as they need in order for it not to pollute their tank. Since bettas are usually kept alone this means you should limit how much betta fish food you give them per feeding session. We recommend no more than one cube (or pellet) size worth if they won’t finish it within a few minutes.

Betta fish need to eat betta fish food at least twice a day and can go up to three times. Feeding betta fish in the morning, afternoon and evening is best for bettas that are kept in tanks with other bettas since they will be less likely to see each other as threats when feeding time comes around!

If your betta still seems hungry after one hour it’s ok (and often good) for them if you feed them more than once during their normal feeding session.

How often should you feed betta fish?

They should be fed betta food at least twice a day in small amounts. Think of bettas as little garbage disposals! They will keep eating even when you think they have had enough so it is important not to overfeed them or feed them too much betta food at one time.

It is recommended that you feed your bettas two times per day; once in the morning and again at night before bedtime. You don’t want to underfeed them with too little nor overfeed them with too much food otherwise this could lead to health problems like swim bladder issues (betta diseases). All about betta fish

Pet stores will tell you bettas need to be fed daily, however this can lead to over feeding of betta fish food and malnutrition in bettas which results in poor coloration for your betta. While it does vary by betta species (there are nearly 70 different kinds) most do best on three feedings a week with some even doing well only every other day or once per two days but these would be one time meals not split into multiple small feeds throughout the course of the day like more common pet store bettas are given when they are labeled as being feeder fish .

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