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From starting your first tank and the basics of caring for bettas through to treating a sick betta fish and even breeding bettas in your home aquarium, Betta Fish Care is your one-stop betta care guide.

Betta Care Guide

Learn how to take good care of bettas with our complete beginner’s introduction to betta fish care.

Blue and Red Betta Fish

Your Betta Tank

How to set up your betta tank to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your fish.

Feeding Betta Fish

Feed your bettas a healthy and nutritious diet with our guide to betta fish food.

Betta Fish Health

How to stop your betta getting sick, spot the signs of illness and nurse your fish back to health.

Learn About Bettas

Discover cool facts and fascinating insights into the amazing Siamese fighting fish.

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    In this guide we’ll discuss how temperature affects betta fish and what temperature range they can live in. We’ll also cover some tips on how to maintain the right temperature at home so that your pet stays healthy!